Stone figure gallery
This piece of stone is possibly the most amazing "musical instrument" you have ever
seen and heard in your life. Do you hear the "music"?
The inner part of the stone has special grooves, balconies and guides; the outside walls
function as a resonance bottom. Water entering into the "stone" drops down onto the
thin stone balconies, making the sound which is then amplified by the resonance inside
and by the outer stone walls. The sound is like the music played on the Koto, so the
name of this piece is:  Suikinkutsu,
the meaning of which is:
Water sound of the Koto
Actually we can offer two different types, with different shapes and sounds. Please select
through both criteria. If you have an interest in different shapes, please let us know about
your ideas; we will talk with the artist regarding feasibility. However, you must understand,
that it is impossible to decide the type of sound beforehand.
Below Suikinkutsu is still available



     The sound of this special "Koto"

Name: Suikinkutsu  
Material: Granite (kome)
Size: 500 x 500 x 850    
Weight: 100kg    
No. of parts 1    
Price: € 5300,00
Leadtime: 10 weeks   Please add shipping time of around 7 weeks
Order number: