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Kodai rokkaido yukimi
The lantern shown below is made from granite taken from Kaba Mountain.
This famous mountain is located about 80km from Tokyo. In Japanese this lantern
is called Kodai rokkaido yukimi, which means:
Old style six corner snow watching lantern
Each stone carver from Makabe area has his own individuel, distinct style. Therefore
every piece is a unique masterpiece of carefully selected granite reflecting the stone
carver's  skills. Once you see the difference, you’ll never go back to industrial-made
lanterns again!
Please remember: all lanterns shown are hand-made by traditional Japanese stone carvers!


This lantern is still available.
Please understand that once sold, we can not supply exactly the same one again, as these lanterns are unique. We will be happy to provide you with similar looking lantern upon request.

Please have a look to the parts, fitting into each other like tongue and groove joints.

Name: Kodairokkaidoyukimi  
Material: Granite (kome)
Size: 600 x 600 x 750    
Weight: 70 kg    
No. of parts 5    
Price: € 3200,00
Leadtime: 4 weeks   Please allow shipping time of around 7 weeks
Order number: